Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Love Our Red Clay and Rock

Our little piece of ground is not the best for growing much of anything, but we keep trying. I do a lot of decorating with rocks and old recycled items. I wish I had taken more pictures of the rock that came out of the ground when we were digging our basement for the new house. My husband says that all this ground is good for, is to hold the rest of the world together.He also says that if you would have had to pay to have this red clay and rock hauled in here, we would have a fortune invested in the farm.I have been working on the soil in the yard and flower gardens for 30 years. He works on the pasture and the garden spot. I have always heard that all the sinkholes within a 50 mile radius of Mammoth Cave drain directly into the cave. I have planted so many seed and produced so much compost, and bought so much mulch in the last 30 years, to have it all wash away, I'll bet that is a beautiful place down around Mammoth Cave.It is bound to have ended up down that way somewhere.

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