Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Kind of Sickness?

What is wrong with me? I have become so attached to the little quilt I am making, I am in pain when I think of finishing it and parting with it.I have been carrying it with me lately, where ever I go, and working on it, at times when I must sit for long periods of time. While talking with a new friend,she mentioned that she loved the little quilt and would like to purchase it for her new baby grand daughter. I said I would sell it to her, and almost got sick immediately. I can hardly bear parting with it. I have grown to love the little quilt. What is wrong with me? I am literally in pain over having to let it go. Is that normal? Do others go through the same feelings when they make something pretty, then part with it, for whatever reason. I find myself having this feeling each time I work on any project. I get so attached to the item, it pains me to let it go.Any Comments?


  1. I think the word that describes your feelings is sacrifice.

    Sacrifice: the surrender of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

    Yes, I know the feelings that you are describing, however your desire to "give" is greater than your desire to "keep!" You have always had that are the most giving person I know!! That's why you are so well loved in your community!!

    The stronger the feeling of pain (sacrifice) the greater the value of the object being given.

    I think the feeling of pain comes from a conflict from within...wanting to keep something goes against your values of giving things...hence the struggle internally!

    Just my theory...make the next one for use as a table topper somewhere so you can look at it daily. Alexander Stoddard says that we should surround ourselves with beauty...things that make our hearts sing!!

    I agree!!

    xoxo...until later...V

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Maybe it is worth the pain I feel. I am using one of your little quilts over the back of my sofa.Stacey had it in a yard sale, and I couldn't bear to see her sell it, so I bought it just to keep.I knew it was stitched with lots of love.Love you,Meemaw's Sissy!