Monday, July 19, 2010

I Finally Saw What She Saw!

My sister, Mary, said she had seen a baby hummingbird. She was so excited. I told her it was probably not a baby hummingbird, but one of those moths that looks like a bumblebee. They hover and sip from flowers the same way. She was not convinced so she did some research and found it was, indeed, a hummingbird moth.Not having ever seen one, I was convinced it was what I was explaining to her, a mimic of the bumble bee. Well, I finally saw what she saw. I rushed in and got my camera.Pop keeps his cell phone in his pocket. I usually keep my camera,not in my pocket, but close at hand.I took several shots of it, and this one tends to show the long beak which it uses to penetrate deep into the flowers neck for the nectar.I am so glad to say"Mary, I have finally seen what you saw.It was a first for me, too.""

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  1. LOL...LOL...I was hoping I wasn't crazy...LOL...LOL...Maybe both of us are...Whatever it was a wonderful sight to see something you had never seen before and I thought I had seen it all...The wonders of nature...