Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cajuns Are Coming!

Yes, once more, some of Mom's family will be coming up for a visit. Mom doesn't get down that way often.It seems everyone is so tied up with their own set of circumstances in life, it's hard for anyone to break loose to make the trip.
Living in Louisiana, as her family does, they come up occasionally, to get away from the hurricanes and floods, or whatever other disasters that might come their way.I don't think the Oil Spill has affected them, that I know of, but whatever the reason,we're glad to have them once more.Two visits ago, one of the cousins came with the family, and died suddenly of Leukemia, shortly after they returned home. No one knew she was even sick. We were all so thankful we got to spend those few days with her when we did. It is Mom's oldest sister and a couple of her children, and a grandchild making the trip this time. The son will be coming with them. We don't see him that often. Usually, the girls, and maybe a grandchild or two, bring their Mom to Kentucky for their visits.We visited them very little, when we were all younger, but we always kept in touch through letters. Especially two of Mom's sisters families.We were always fairly close,considering we lived so far apart.Mom seen to that.We would send pictures back and forth all the time.Most of the time, there were first cousins, the same age as each of our family,so we would be like pen pals, and write quite often to our individual pal.Dad was never one to pick up and go for a visit, so Mom spent most of her life in Kentucky and kept in touch with her family for the most part, via the mail. Mom's visits to her home state were very few, after she married. Two of her sisters, in particular, kept in close touch with our family, and I am so glad they picked up the slack when it came to visiting. Mom has them to thank for that.We would not have known her family as we do, otherwise.A lot of her Cajun family has passed on,and Mom and her siblings are much older now. It is harder for them to visit like they once did,but they still try their best to do so occasionally.Mom's only brother, Paul Harry Theriot, and his wife,Leona, have passed on, as have two of her brother-in-laws,Purphey Trahan and Leo Derouen.One brother-in-law,Herbert Moore, has Alzheimer's, and is not doing well at this time.And, Of course, we lost Dad in 2001.I am so glad that Mom was able to connect with her siblings when she did and get to know them. They were all put in an orphanage when they were very small,but with the help of family,they were able to find, and grow up knowing, one another.They were some of the lucky ones,in that respect.A lot of folks don't get that chance.

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