Monday, July 12, 2010

Gazpacho Anyone?

Becky Shultea's(Just Bee'n Me) last post brought this to my mind. During the growing season for veggies, most folks have an over abundance of a lot of produce. Years ago, I use to work with a German lady, who told me about a cold refreshing soup that she made by the gallon, and kept it chilled at all times, so whenever she needed a quick refreshing bite of something, it was ready. The soup was called "Gazpacho".You can find many different recipes on the internet.I have tried many different variations of it, until I find one that suits my taste a little better, although many different combination will taste great.This site is a good one to find many favorite dishes.I would think this would be a great food item to add to your list while trying to loose a few pounds.It is very refreshing on a hot day.


  1. Ooooh I feel hungry now! :)

  2. For the longest time, when you wrote a comment on my blog & I clicked on your profile name, I couldn't get to your blog. But now it works & I'm following. :-) - I love your collage of pictures up there on the page! :-)

  3. Glad you like it.I don't have much training, only trial and error, more errors than anything else, but I do love playing with it. I have a blog in draft on my Play Time. I just haven't worked on it lately, at least enough to publish. Too many other irons in the fire. Experimenting with the pictures takes so long.I have so much else to do, I won't allow myself the luxury of spending that much time with it. If I do, it is usually when I am here alone,with no one else to tend to.I have a new picture of my more recent daily goings on, but it is still a WIP.Later!Thanks for following.