Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Has It Been Nine Years?

Tomorrow we will be going to visit Dad's grave. He passed away 9 years ago, on September 5. Several of us children and Mom will be taking flowers to put on his headstone.

Mom has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. She has been taking an anti- inflammatory medicine for her arm, and it seems it has done some damage to her kidneys and liver.At least, that's what she understands from her last visit. They want to take another blood test to get more information.That's what they'll do tomorrow.
After Mom's tests are done, several of us girls will meet at her home and take her to visit the grave site.We will most likely stop by Ryan's or Golden Corral or some other nice eating place for our noon meal. That has always been something we do when we are all out together,which is very seldom.All of the sisters will be able to attend except Vicki, from "My Favorite Things".She is in North Carolina.Hopefully, one of the sisters-in-law,Kim, will be going with us.Our new truck holds six people comfortably, and Pop says I can use it tomorrow. I guess you noticed,I have permission to use our truck.It has always been a problem getting a good dependable vehicle to hold everyone who wants to go. I think we have that covered this trip.Maybe we'll get lucky and get someone to take a picture of the group for another posting.

(I ran across this blank post.There is so much going on in my life on a daily basis,it's no wonder I forget things.I hate to waste good space,so I have filled it in now, even though it's September,and this blank post was from July.)

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