Thursday, July 8, 2010


By the time I could get outside with the camera, it had just about stopped raining. It has been overcast here all day.We had heard there was a possibility of rain on Friday, but we got a little shower today, here in a teensy part of Ky.You know how it hits and misses a lot of the area. Not near enough, but it is bound to help cool things down for a little while.Just hope the sun doesn't come back out right away and bake it all dry too quick. We are really hurting for rain.
The rain held off all day after the quick shower, and came again around 8 this evening.I think there is a good possibility of getting more rain during the night and early morning tomorrow. We are hurting, but thank goodness we don't make our living depending on the weather, as some of the local folks do. Corn crops are hurting bad as are hay fields, tobacco, and the like. Lots of folks raise truck gardens for a little extra pocket change. We are so thankful we are not in their shoes about now.I miss my beautiful flowers and grass, but they don't put food on the table.

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