Monday, July 19, 2010

Building a Better World! One Person at a Time!

The little quilt for my husband's ex-wife is coming right along. I have gotten a lot of raised eyebrows over the fact I am doing this for her. We have had a lot of problems with her over the years. I think a lot of the problems stemmed from the fact that she let such a good man get away. He and I have had a wonderful marriage for now onto 32 years, and I am sure that is hard. Watching your ex, day after day, getting along so well,living a wonderful life, that could have been yours.She chose otherwise.Nevertheless, she has to be part of our extended family, since she is the mother of his 2 daughters, and the grandmother of their 2 grandchildren.We have buried our differences, for the most part, at least I have. I don't hold on to past hurt feelings like a lot of folks do. I try to work through it, the best I can, and go on with life. Life is too short to dwell on those kinds of negative things. I choose to fill my days with things that cheer me up and bring me joy.I am enjoying making the little quilt. I only hope she is sincere in liking and appreciating it when it is finished.That is why I feel that ,hopefully,I am building a better world, one person at a time.


  1. Who wouldn't like that quilt? It looks gorgeous & so colorful.

    That's me, the sewer wanna-be commenting.

    I just read your book suggestion. How did you have that done. Did you just print the pages and bind them? I know you can do stuff like that at places like OfficeMax.

    It's funny that you mention a book. I've actually been thinking about wanting to write a children's book. I have so many photos of New Zealand. I want to make some drawings inspired by the photos and write a narrative about the place that his father loved so much.

    It's just so strange that this idea just came to me in the past week or so and now you are wondering about it! Maybe that's a 'go-for-it' sign from the universe. ;-)

  2. Cadi, the company I used works with Blogger. Here is a link to get you there. I have had a great experience with both my books.They are really reasonable in price, too.So much so, I chose the 2 day express delivery, I was so anxious. You will love it.I plan to continue making more as time goes by, if they don't quit on me.I posted a blog about my 1st book. You can find it on my post of March 1, 2010.I was so excited!

  3. Its gorgeous !
    You do such wonderful work, so much talent!
    Your so kind to do this for her...