Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma, I'm Thinking of you today.

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My Grandma died with double pneumonia.She got too weak to cough up the phlegm and it smothered her to death.She comes to my mind a lot when I get these types of head and chest colds, or sinus infections, or allergy related problems.My lungs seem to get weaker as the years go by. I have been a little sickly for several days now. It's all I can do to function at times. I had the 5 year old grandson from 8 or 9 P.M. Thursday,until 9 P.M. Friday evening.I can usually handle him just fine when I'm feeling good, but it takes a lot out of me, being sick.Whatever it is that I have, it comes and goes throughout the day and night.Usually at night, it's worse. I start out coughing, then I'll cough until I get can't get my breath good.Well, today, I had been working on a new quilt, and decided I needed a break. So I tidied up a little and headed to town.I started coughing about 1/2 way there. I kept thinking I would get straightened up, by the time I got there, but I didn't. It only got worse. I just knew I was dying. I was driving, but I was very aware that I needed to do something. I couldn't get my breath.I tried to remain calm, until I could get to a good spot to pull over and get myself together. I pulled into Walmart's parking lot and stopped my truck.I tried to call a couple of my sisters, to no avail, then I tried Pop. I knew he could not help me from where he was at that moment,in the middle of Graham Lake in Tennessee, but I needed to hear an encouraging voice.Someone to tell me to be calm,you're not dying.By the time I got through to him, I had regained my composure, to a point, and felt I could make it back home.He talked to me for quite a while, trying to calm me down, and make sure I was O.K.I have never had asthma, but I figure this must be the way it feels. I was desperate for air for a short time there, and I really panicked.I am sure that made bad matters worse, but when you can't get your breath, all logic goes out the window. Well, I returned home,mowed some of the yard. That usually calms me.Then I gathered the eggs, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and got back to my little quilt. I don't usually work on a quilt unless I can't get outdoors, and with the heat being so bad lately, I was using that for a good excuse to start one.My grand daughter told me that her other grandmother,Pop's Ex,had said she'd like a little quilt. Maybe we could make her one. So that's my latest venture.Today was the first day I've worked on it, and I think it is coming along nicely.I was a little skeptical about it, since I had planned to use up the leftovers from previous quilts, a crazy quilt of sorts, but it is looking better than I had anticipated.

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  1. That doesn't sound like fun at all, I hope whatever's ailing you passes quickly.