Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Dilemma! Low Blood Sugar vs. Goats Getting Out?

Today is Wednesday. Flea Market Day. Pop usually meets someone out for breakfast on FMD, so there's no need to cook for him. Today he is meeting his oldest daughter for breakfast, since she is semi-retired or between job. Not sure what she is labeling her situation at the moment, but she is not working right now. Therefore she is free to spend more time with Pop. He raised her, almost totally, so they are very close. The job situation has turned out to be a good thing for them, in that respect.But since I don't need to cook for him,I don't worry about cooking just for me,so I struck out working on MY goat pen. Pop has no interest in the goats.He tolerates them for me and the grand kids. Well,I got worried that they needed a little more grazing area,with the drought and all,so that is what I've been working on this morning. I hope for them to eat down the under growth up to the property line fence, so maybe one day, I will be able to plant lots of wild flowers there.I doubt we were up to 105 degrees F. this morning like New York, but it is plenty hot already, to be so early. After working with the fence for nearly an hour,plus I had already picked a half gallon of blackberries,I began to tremble and shake. Low blood sugar. I knew I must get a bite of something to eat,soon, but I was torn between the goats getting out and my sugar problem. It was so hot, I was sweating profusely, but I was determined to get to a decent stopping point with the fence. I found a good stopping point and rushed to the house for a bite of something. That's when I decided to check my blog and write a bit. I'm waiting for the bologna sandwich to get things back in order in my sugar department. I have always had this problem since I was grown, and maybe before that. Just didn't know what was happening.But since I know, I usually am not too far from a bite to eat at all times. Just so happened I didn't have anything on me this morning in the goat pen.(Ha!)

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