Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another "Me" Day!

Today is one of my few "Me" Days. Aunt Rhonda has volunteered to keep both of the grandchildren today. I have a doctor's appointment. Just a good thorough check up of sorts. I'm sure a lot of the worries I have are just my age, creeping up on me.So many things come with that. Some you can work on and some you can't.I'm hoping to learn the ones I can work on and put a little more effort towards doing just that. Once anything is weak, at my age, it's harder to rehabilitate it. That why it's so important to keep things in good shape all along the way. Something I have preached to others for years, but not did for myself. Nutrition studies have been a huge part of my life over the last 40 years, but I don't always follow my teachings.I like to know what makes things behave the way they do, but following through with the fix,has been my problem. It all boils down to Discipline. I have had a problem with that one aspect my whole life. Making myself do or not do something that I need to do or not do.I know the proper things to eat and drink,but I don't always follow the rules. Cholesterol builds up quietly, from eating a lot of the wrong foods,and I know that, but,oh, they taste so good at that moment,it's hard to convince yourself, they are bad for you.So it is with so many of my favorite snacks.I know I have low blood sugar, and I must eat at regular intervals, but when just a bite would do, I think I must eat the whole thing,and then I never have the best choices at hand.I could go on and on about the things I know I "should have done, but didn't", in my lifetime.Now I must pay the piper.I guess I'll hear a lecture from the doctor today, and I deserve it.

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