Friday, July 23, 2010

What a Wonderful Surprise! You're Never Too Old to Learn!

Many years ago,roughly 30, I ordered a Dark Pink,almost Red,Hibiscus from one of the mail order houses.Over the years it bloomed, but not having the best soil, it never did real good.One day,I ran across a couple of Dad's friends from our home town,Bea and Paul Ellery,both deceased now, and we got to talking about the Hibiscus that they had purchased from the local Walmart.They would never live long.I told them, that I suspected the plants were not the type that were hardy in our area, but they were a big seller.Folks bought them left and right, but I doubt theirs lived either.Nevertheless, I volunteered to dig up a piece of my plant for them, since I had had it for years, and it had never succumbed to the cold winters.So I dug them a portion of mine, not knowing that mine would never bloom again. I guess I disturbed the roots more than I had planned.Well, when our house burned 3 years ago, I dug several of my favorite flowers, hoping to keep the bulldozers from destroying them all.I heeled them down in a spot out back, and even there, they barely escaped the bulldozers.When the right time came to transplant them, I had acquired some pastel pink Hibiscus roots from a friend, so I planted them all together. Three years went by and no red blooms.I assumed I had lost it for good. Well,hallelujah, this year, it bloomed.Not only did it bloom, the dog broke a branch of it off while chasing one of my wrens, and I placed the broken branch in a bucket of water, just to see what it would do. Guess what!After having it all these years, I found out, the broken piece would take root in water. I could have propagated lots of red plants by now, had I only known.That goes to show,You're never too old to learn.

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