Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love Quotes

I love quotes. I collect all sorts of them. They are everywhere in my house. In my computer, in books and calendars I've collected,on wall hangings. You can find a quote for nearly every thing that happens, every moment of your life. Someone, somewhere, has experienced the same things you are experiencing at any given moment and someone has written a quote about it. When you stumble across those quotes, you can feel their meaning within yourself. You have been there.They have expressed your feelings exactly and put it down in print.Those are the ones I like to hang on my walls in different forms.I use to dabble in calligraphy and I collected all sorts of picture frames,with the hope of one day using them for my quotes. I visited Cracker Barrel, the restaurant, one day,and there was a complete wall of just what I had envisioned doing with my quotes. Another example of just how the world works. There is no idea, that has not be made into reality somewhere. You just haven't run into it yet.My plan was to have various styles of frames, and various colors of mats, and an enormous selection of quotes preprinted, and set up a table where ever, a little shop, the mall, the flea market,in a booth in the consignment mall, and display my goods, and let the people choose their favorite verse, their favorite frame and their choice in mats.This is just one way to display my quotes. I lay awake night thinking of others. I love to paint. I save lots of scraps of wood for my quotes. Sometimes it gets used for kindling in the stove before I can paint on it, but I find more. My family and friends know I love to save small pieces of wood, so they contribute to my stash occasionally.I paint on all sorts of things though. Not just wood.I use old metal roofing some, too.We reroofed the hen house, and I begged him to let me keep the roofing. It was lightweight aluminum. Not the type used anymore.I managed to salvage about 6 sheets of it for my projects.It's excellent for a birdhouse roof and American Flags for door hangings.The uses for anything are endless to a crafter.

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