Monday, July 12, 2010

Berries,Berries,Berries! My Cup Runneth Over!

Don't you hate it when you have an over abundance of a crop? You've saved all you can possibly use, and they are still more, and more, and more producing on the vines.It is so hard to find someone who wants them and will come and pick them themselves. I learned my lesson on that,at least in my case, years ago. We had this problem with green beans, so I mentioned to a coworker that I had boocoodles of extra green beans. Of course, she wanted me to pick them and bring them to her. I did, as I usually do,and Pop blew up. When I came home from work, the next day, he had bush hogged all my green beans. The bad part was, I had a row of tenderette beans,my favorite, coming on a little later.They were loaded to the gills, and I do love them like that. Young and tender, no strings, no bug bites,multiple beans per bush,just perfect.But they were gone, too. I was sick. I can feel the pain in my stomach all over, just remembering it now.That's what would happen, if Pop catches me picking the berries for someone else,except maybe my Mother.He might tolerate that.I went out early as I normally do, and picked, and picked, and picked. I was weeding as I went, and I stopped to do a dozen other jobs along the way, but finally with the heat and humidity, and my age,all being a factor, I quit and came inside. I think this makes me about 6 gallon of blackberries in my freezer. I may have to leave home for about a week or so till the rest of them ripen and fall off. Otherwise I will be sick watching them hang there and go to waste.In a good year, with plenty of rainfall, half the number of vines would be sufficient for my family, but in times of drought, they would not bear enough, so you never know what to do. I suppose it is better to have too many vines, rather than not enough. You win some,you loose some!You can't win'em all!


  1. Oh, yum, yum yum! I have been thinking about putting a call out on freecycle, just in case anyone has an over abundance of some sort of fruit or veg growing that they can't use up....

  2. Oh my! Looks so tasty. I'm def. planting berry bushes!

  3. These are the thornless type. With enough rainfall, the berries are so big and lush. It is unreal how big they will get. There may be a difference in the taste, but not enough to worry me. I spent too many mornings as a kid, picking wild berries, enduring the thorns and the heat and all the other elements.I like being able to pick mine now in the quiet peacefulness of my yard and sometimes even from my porch. They spread a bit too, but I keep friends and neighbors in starts.I guess I could mail you some starts since you are only in Va. I would be willing to try.Just say the word.