Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do I Smell Bacon?

No matter where these two animals are when the bacon is fried, there come running. There is something about the smell that draws them like flies to sugar.Speaking of sugar. That is how I catch so many flies during the summer. I have had one of those nasty fly catcher jars in the past which I ordered from some mail order company. It worked pretty good, but it made Pop deathly sick, when he got to close and smelled it. He has an extremely weak stomach, to be such a big, macho, type man.The original type of fly catcher jar called for a piece of meat in the jar to draw in the flies. It works, but extremely yucky.The principle was to draw the egg laying flies. You know, the eggs that turn into maggots. Yes, maggots.Now, don't you agree? Double yucky, and I don't even have a weak stomach.That's why I chose to go with sugar water. It may not draw the egg layers, but it captures and kills lots of flies.I'd advise using a throw away jar though. It gets nasty.
Now that's a lot of flies.I'm with Sarah and Lucky. I'll take the smell of bacon any day.

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