Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recapping A Few Things!

My Purple Martins, evidently, have hatched out a few new members. It's really hard to tell what is going on with them. We mostly have to guess.But from all our observations, we think the three pair must have hatched about 1 or 2 new ones for each pair. It appears the young are getting the hang of flying. We watched them fluttering above the perch, flying round and round, while staying close to the nests, for a few days, then taking longer flying trips each day.We are also hearing that it is time for the older ones to leave for the season. We think one of the older males must have stayed behind, while waiting for the young to strengthen their wings before making that long trip.Of course, this is only our speculation.
As for the quilt I am making for my husband's ex-wife, I added the last to the top. It will only be a throw of sorts for draping over herself at times when she feels a little chilled. Most of us can identify with those moments. Hot one minute,cold the next.However both daughters agree that I should take my time on it and make it a Christmas gift. Their Mother, or Mams, as we all call her, spends most holidays with the entire family.I think we all agreed on that idea. I only hope she isn't expecting it sooner.
As for our new kitten, Lucky, he is growing like a weed and meaner than a junk yard dog. He and Sarah play together a lot, but sometimes Lucky gets the best of Sarah, and Sarah must retreat and take cover. I plan to have Lucky neutered soon, so hopefully, that will take away some of that aggressive playing he does.He plays rough with me and Sarah,but the grandchildren get frightened when he plays with them that rough. His teeth are really sharp, but I have trimmed his front claws a time or two to cut down on all the little scratches I've been getting when I play with him.He is a delight for us all, even if he does get a little rough at times. I don't think he really means to hurt any of us.He finds some of the most adorable places and positions to sleep in, and he sleeps a lot. He is, indeed, a lucky, (and beautiful cat)who has found a home with folks who adore him.

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  1. Sue that is a cute story about the cat and dog ,the quilt is making up pretty also. Have a great day!