Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to the Basement

It's quite cool out this morning, so I will head to the basement to see what I can get into. He has built a little fire in the heating stove down there, so it will be nice and snugly to work.I have gradually brought several of my supplies for my hobbies in from my 2 sheds, to the basement. I am just waiting for him to comment on my taking over the basement. Oh well, he has his own "pouting room" in the garage; bath, kitchenette, and all, that's more than I have in the basement as of yet. Maybe, one day soon, I will have those things in my little space.I am gradually collecting all the pieces needed for it anyway. We have a commode, from a friend who remodeled, a vanity, I found along the roadside, sitting out with someones garbage,I have a mirrored medicine cabinet, given to me by a neighbor, when she remodeled. I have shelving which I bought for a song at a yard sale.I have wall paper galore, left over from previous projects.I have a gazillion curtains, which I will not need at all. I have 2 overhead cabinets left from the old house. My mom gave me an apartment size gas cook stove.Sounds like all I need is a little help to put it all together. I'm still waiting. We've been in the new house 2 years now.I can find ways to petition off my little craft areas though, so I'm getting by. I have the parts to build myself a table for my crafting needs.Come to think of it,I might just work on that today.He had a perfect door of sorts that I have pleaded with him to let me use and I got the folding table legs from one of my sister's yard sale. I plan to use it for whatever my crafting needs are at the time, then fold it up and hang it on the wall. So I will probably decorate it to double as a wall hanging. I'll need to close for now and get started on it. Will let you know how it turns out.

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