Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Gift Of Love

As I have stated many times in the past,I am not a quilter,per se. I love to make a quilt now and then. Mostly small ones that can be finished quickly. I don't cut and measure,like real quilters do. I don't, as a rule, layout my plan for the arrangement of my quilt pieces.I just play it all by ear, and hunt amongst my fabric bins until I find something that matches,or suits me at the moment,depending on what the purpose of the finished piece might be. When I started this little quilt, I had no special person in mind to give it to, but during the time I was working on it, I learned that a young friend of ours,so we are hearing,had lost her job, due to the fact she had become pregnant and was not married. That,in my opinion,is sad. If a child happened to be caught up in this situation,but is willing to work and take care of her needs,by way of her job, one must respect her for that. Instead,due to appearances,we're afraid,she is not allowed to work, and most likely will seek government help to get through her situation.The child that I speak of, has had a horrible life up to this point,and I feel the job situation will only make her life more unbearable. I think she is a mere 17  or 18 years old,and still lives at home with her Mom.She had dropped out of school,the reasons why, I do not know,but she was taking classes at home, through the use of her computer.That,too,showed she was trying to help herself. I think,by me knowing so many of the happenings in her family's lives,is  the reason I am drawn to her,causing me to think and worry more about her so much nowadays. She may have been to young to know and understand much of what has happened in her family,but still she was trying so hard to pull herself up by her bootstraps, and make a better life for herself.I have lost contact with her as of late,but hope to reconnect  with her soon.I can only hope that the decision to leave her job,was her own and not her employers.I am hoping that this little gesture of kindness will let her know she is special,and there are still folks in this cruel world who truely care.

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