Monday, March 28, 2011

Everybody Wins!

When I'm in the mood to cook, I best get to it, because I don't get in that mood too often anymore.I'd rather be crafting.

Our House
 We had company for dinner yesterday afternoon at our house. I got an opportunity to move along some food items from my freezer. That is my big goal right now to clear out my freezers of last years items(and try not to refill it with so much that we don't eat, this next season)  It was an unexpected call and visit,but Pop's Aunt would be coming along,so I wanted to cook something. I thawed out about a pound or two of blue gill that Pop and this same family of cousins had caught on one of their camping and boating expeditions. We don't get together that much anymore with large groups where I can cook up lots of foods like we once did, so I jumped at the opportunity to cook plenty.We had fish, hush puppies,corn from the freezer,a big skillet of fried potatoes,and iced tea.They brought peach cobbler and I furnished the ice cream.It wasn't a big meal. We should have had a salad, but I didn't quite have the needed items,so I omitted that,but everyone was "stuffed" at meal's end anyway.We spent the rest of the day just talking and reminiscing.It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.Aunt Margaret and Edna got to browse through my little books I have published from my blogging,while Pop and Cousin Larry watched the ball games, Nascar,and more Western reruns.The grand children let us have a free day today, so there were no kids around.They hate it when we have company anyway. Company takes our attentions from them.So it all worked out fine for a relaxing Sunday for us all.We got to relax in the house for once and not in Pop's pouting room. He usually steals company away to his area in the garage, but not today.We got to enjoy our huge living space in our like new house.It was nice.


  1. Sounds like it was a very enjoyable day Sue.
    And I love a good fish fry!

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  3. Terry and Daniel,Thanks to you both for your thoughtful comments.