Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Banners at Once

a banner to display during July

I finished the baby quilt,and a set of curtains I was redoing for a friend.I've crocheted several more dish cloths,using a different type of thread,a much heavier cotton thread.Since I already had my sewing machine out, I whipped up this little wall hanging/banner. The one side is in a Fourth of July theme.The reverse side is going to be more of a Fall theme when I'm finished.I like a little on that side.I'll add some words,hopefully.

I found the center piece,which is a placemat,and decided to incorporate it into my little hanging.Thus giving me a banner of sorts for Fall.My thought process is slow,but I'll mull it over for a few days and come up with the words to applique somewhere on the blue fabric.

When I was working, one of my favorite things to do,was to decorate my 8 little bulletin boards with cute and catchy pictures and sayings. I am trying to get back into that type of thing through using some of my other skills and supplies. Sometimes, I think I loved doing the boards more than any other part of my job.No matter what else was going on in my job,usually stressing me out,I could unwind by working with my bulletin boards.It was peaceful and relaxing to my mind.But then anything was better than paperwork.

Hopefully,I will be making a few more of these banners throughout the upcoming weeks,as I get a break on occasion,from the yard and gardening chores.And that's right around the corner.

Enjoy your Craft of Choice.It's a lot cheaper than some types of therapy.


  1. Sue, they're too cute. And you've been very busy. Your sewing machine must be "smokin".
    Lately I've been thinking, what if I don't have electricity for some reason? I couldn't sew, except by hand, yuck. Mom had a treadle machine, do you think I should look for one?

    Thanks for the invite, if I ever get your way again, I'll give you a holler.

  2. Sue , I like your banner and the baby quilt, I have got 3 quilts in the making, and I am so bored with one of them, be so glad when it is done, I don't want to put it up, so I will finish it. I sure hope to get them all done, it is getting to be yard and garden time!!!! Your little baby quilt is very cute and will make a good baby gift. I like your story on the apron, they are beginning to make a come back, i have one of my mother apron for a kept sake. Someone has gave Jessica an apron and she wear it and Laura will wear it when she make biscuit, i do need to make her an apron. Have a great day!