Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Just So Happened?

Do you think things "Just So Happened"? It's funny how you hear something said over and over, and you never really think about it until someone calls it to your attention in a certain way. I have attended Mom's church with her many times.The Pastor,Brother Art, who was serving there when I first began visiting,has moved away and is no longer with that church, but he is the one who brought this particular saying to light for me.He explained in one of his sermons, that Nothing Just So Happens.There is always a Higher Power working the plan.My family uses that statement quite often anymore,after hearing Brother Art's explanation.It happens so often, it is amazing how many times one does use those words,and I never use or hear them anymore,without thinking of that explanation.
I called Mom just tonight to tell her what had "Just So Happened" for me today. Mom had a piece of material at her house one day, that appeared to thin and worn to save for anything.Well,you know me. I can always think of something to do with things that others deam no longer usable.I told Mom that I could crochet it into a rug. I adored the pretty pastel colors in the fabric.Sure enough, I took the piece home with me and proceeded to tear it into strips for my rug. I usually have a certain size I make my little rugs, but I ran out of the fabric before I got to that point.I did scrounge around and fine a tiny pastel green piece that matched the original green in the fabric I was using.That was enough for another round or two,but the little rug was not big enough yet.
Meanwhile,back at the ranch......Mom had a couple of large trash bags full of fabric pieces and scraps she no longer needed,left over from her quilting this past summer.She always saved every scrap of anything for me, since she knows me so well. I brought the two bags home and knowing I wouldn't be needing them for awhile,I left them in my truck.In a day or two, I decided to bring them inside.There they sat for another day or two.For some reason,today, I decided I would dump the scraps out in the floor and check out all the goodies inside.Mom likes glitzy,shiny,sparkley things,so there were several pieces of that type of fabric inside.They are all small,but Leah loves that kind of thing too,so she will probably use them for her doll dresses.But wait! There were three or four panels of curtains that were made from the same identical fabric I was using in my rug.I guess they went together at one time,but since the original piece I had brought home was worn thin along the hemline,it was headed for the trash(until I saved it.)Now I can make my little rug a bit bigger.I may get two rugs out of the same fabric,which will be wonderful since I am redoing my bathtoom in white.The crocheted rugs from the pastel fabric will go good with the white,and they will be much easier to launder than the others I had been using.I painted a shelf white,just today for the bathroom and I found a beautiful white cornice board shelf awhile back,for over the window.I will be looking for some wood trim tomorrow(I have it pictured in my mind.Little 4 inch wooden squares,with a carving in the middle) which I will paint white to decorate across the top of  my vanity.I may try to find some of those wooden or plastic curlyque symbols to glue on the sides and maybe the rim of my shelf and paint them white,too.It looks so pretty in my mind.I hope it will be that pretty when I'm done.


  1. I have thought for years I would like to try making a rug.Hope your bathroom turns out just like you have visualized it!

  2. Sounds pretty!I have never crochet a rug but have done basket, Kathryn, from quaint quilt has a weaving machine and had some rug made on it it was pretty neat thing. You have been busy on writing for your book, and they are fun to see them, i have only two book made, it take me awhile and don't have many pictures in them. I' like you i hope that my girls and grandkids will enjoy reading them.