Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trying a New Food

A few items from the food auction
I keep reading on other blogs, mostly from across the Big Water,of different foods that I have never heard of before.One that comes to mind, is Hummus. It had never entered my mind to look it up as to what it might be. I just assumed it was a food eaten by folks in their particular region,and I am well aware that different regions eat different foods.Never the less, I had gone to our local auction, one night this past week, and it was Food Night. Some nights they have all kinds of foods to auction off.Lots of folks frown on buying food products at an auction, but then, times are hard,so many folks will make it a point to attend on Food Night.They have things like cookies, cakes,chips of all kinds,breads of all kinds,lots of box type meals,bottled drinks, and other unusual items,that don't sell good at regular stores,to the general population of our area.Well, on this night, they had offered items on one table, to the highest bidder,and after that person took what he wanted, for that price,it was opened up to the rest of the crowd. for the next highest bid.Still,there were about 6 or 8 boxes that no one wanted. It sounded like a real deal,regardless of what it was. You know from my past post,I'll eat about anything.(not Pop ,though)I raised my hand and got the 6 or 8 boxes remaining. I think the auctioneer was calling it bean dip,and I thought ,What the heck. I've eaten refried beans before, as a dip.So I raised my hand and got the remainder of the boxes for a mere $1.75. A real deal. I brought my purchases home and into the pantry they went.A few days later, I decided to check out one of the boxes,and as I read more of the label, I saw it is called Hummus. Now I've seen that food mentioned before.I tried to find the blog where I had seen it, to no avail, but I do remember they ate it on crackers.I whipped up a batch, and sure enough it was nothing more than a bean dip with lots of garlic and lemon pepper flavoring to it. A bit more garlic than I would have used had I made it from scratch, but not so bad anyway. I ate it on the triscuits which came from the auction,too.Not bad for a snack, but there would be no way Pop would touch it with a ten foot pole. He'd starve first, but I definitely will work it over and try it again.I'll do some experimenting to see if I can make it a little more suitable to my taste next time.Maybe less garlic.Surely there is a recipe on So until next time,I'm off to do some investigating.


  1. yum i love hummus on crackers and also in turkish doner kebabs. id go easy on the garlic too. you could also use the mix to make a vegetarian bean burger. ps my island chicken only took about 25 mins to prepare no trouble at all :)

  2. I've tried to like hummus -- to no avail. But I'm glad you got a good bargain. :)

  3. I'm the same as Nancy. Every now and then I try it, but I just don't like it.