Monday, March 21, 2011

Medical Update

I received a call from the doctor's office today regarding the tests I had made this past week. I have not worried too much about what they might show,since I have never had that many medical problems,but I guess it's time to worry now.They took several types of tests, and one of the tests shows a mass on one of my ovaries. I have an appointment with a gynecologist on the 4th of April.I have not had a gynecoligist for many years. Our regular family doctors have taken care of the minor problems I've encountered up until now.This requires one now. A few of my sisters have had problems with cysts in that area, so I am hoping it will be no more than that for me.I have been put under anesthesia only two or three times in my life,so I don't worry so much about that like I once did.I use to worry about my heart since I had murmurs as a child.I had a good heart check up just before retiring, so I don't worry as much about problems in that regard, anymore. Now my main worry is Staph and Blood Clots. I guess everyone has these same worries before having any kind of surgery, and it may be all for naught,in my case,too. But when you are my age and have never had major surgery,you worry about every little thing that could possibly go wrong.I read a lot about medical things and sometimes that can be a bad thing.A little knowledge can be worse than no knowledge at all.I'll do best to keep from worrying,but I know that won't happen. I'll stay busy and maybe the time will go fast enough for it to all be over soon.And I will have worried for nothing.Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.Later.


  1. oh you are a worrier arent you sue!! just be thankful you dont live in some third world country. im sure you will be in the best of hands. and best of luck with it too i will be thinking of you. :)