Monday, March 14, 2011

The Joys Of Spring

I think I love Spring most of all.It is my favorite of all the seasons. The grass is greening up.The daffodils and hyacinths are in bloom.Forsythias are beginning to bloom.The birds are singing and starting their nests for the new season.There is new growth everywhere..
Yesterday,we had John for the day. His sister,Leah, went to Derby Dinner Playhouse with her Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Marc.That's something they enjoy and do quite often with Marc's family.That has always been right down Leah's alley.She has enjoyed that type of thing since she was three years old.
John spent the day doing what he loves. Roaming around our property,playing in the dirt,teasing Ellie Mae,taking a walk in the woods with me,(he thinks he got his first tick,oh dear,those dreaded ticks already?)I needed to build up my stamina for a new year anyway, so that was nice.Over the winter months, I get as weak as a cat.It gets to be a feat just going up and down the basement stairs fifteen times a day.You'd think I would build something up doing just that,but it doesn't seem to work that way.

Pop and I lowered my Purple Martin Gourd Pole and worked it over a bit,added a few new gourds and replaced some older ones.I bought several bluebird and wren birdhouses at the auction this week, so, hopefully,I'll put them up today.It's rained a bit through the night, but that was good, because I transplanted some flowers and 4 peach trees yesterday.The daffodils had gotten so thick in places, I moved a few big clumps of them to a flower bed that I had widened near the porch,where I could enjoy them more.I had planted a handful of peach seeds from the peaches off of Dad's peach tree,just beside the porch,so I could keep check on them.Sure enough,2 or 3 years later, I see they are nearly shoulder high. I figured I needed to move them to a more appropriate spot before they got established there in the flower bed.That's why I'm glad we got the rain. They say I will probably not get the same wonderful peaches Dad's tree had, but I mostly wanted them to remember him anyway.If they make any kind of a tree,I'll be satisfied.Fruit and flowers will be just an added bonus,if they do have any at all.

Last week,my brother,Terry came over, and he chose lots of flowers and bushes from my yard to use around his newly established home. He recently moved back to Ky,since living in Georgia and West Virginia since 1972.He is having to start a new home and a new family,so the rest of the family have been trying  to help ease him into his new life,as much as possible.Life can be rough nowadays,for a sound and solid family, but starting over,from scratch,with a new blended family, has got to be hard.That's where a loving root family can help,so we have all been pitching in,when and where ever we can.

I usually give away boocoodles of flower starts to any and everyone who asks each year,so with Terry being in the yard and landscaping business his entire grown up life, I knew he would be interested in getting back into that a bit,if only for himself,at the moment.I have enough to start a nursery of my own,so I was eager to share in that department.I hope to use some of his expertise a bit on improving my landscaping around my home, now that his is living closer. He still has a few connections with the suppliers he used when he had his own business in West Virginia.That's always helpful to know someone in the business. I spend more money on landscaping supplies than anything else.Now maybe he can help me save a few dollars there.                Happy Spring to All.


  1. Glad that you are able to get out and start working outside, Sue. It's a nice day here, but the ground is still hard and not much is able to push up out of it yet.

  2. spring is a great time, I love autumn most, because of the colours and It gets a bit too hot sometimes and the fresh coolness of autumn is welcomed. summer has decided to return for us and yesterday was a scorcher, back to just sleeping with a sheet over us. My lettuce seeds i planted last week are up. I will be seeing my family this weekend, dad and sis and Nephew..Nephew Kristian is running a 100k ultramarathon nearby, so we will be at the finish line (11hrs) and have a dinner together

  3. It is such a relief to finally see some signs of spring. We are seeing a lot of daffodils and enjoying some longer days.