Monday, March 7, 2011

Bobcats in Kentucky

Sometime this morning, our yard dog,Bear, began barking, and that usually means there is some type of wildlife stirring on our property.I glanced out the kitchen window,just in time to see a bobcat,standing in the middle of the road. Bear will not go too close to the animal,but she will rush out in it's direction, barking loudly.I won't say she's afraid,just optimistically cautious.She is a smart dog.Nevertheless, the bobcat turned, and retreated to the cover of the woods.
I did some research on bobcats in Kentucky,and found that they are not as uncommon as I had thought. I guess we just don't see them that often, therefore, I figured there were not that many in our state.The last time I had seen one was in 2007 or 08, during the time the county was putting in the county waterlines in our area.

I have pulled up this chart showing the map of Kentucky and how many cats had been harvested during the year of 2009 .I guess by harvested, they mean killed.From the diagram, it appears there were 21 to 30 bobcats harvested in our county that year.I was amazed at this figure since they are such a rare animal to see in my area.(I have circled my county.)


  1. The more land we take over, the less they have and then start showing up in unexpected places.

  2. I agree with Nancy's comment. Animals just don't have anywhere to go.

  3. Sue, Jesse said that bobcats has been around here for a long time ,he said that they use to hang around the old cave up on the hill. Mae dosen't do any sewing, she just watch tv, I just do the quilting on my blocks when go down there, it is something to do because i don't watch TV that much. Have a great day!