Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Makes You,Who You Are?

I began blogging on October 17,2009. Not that long ago, but since that day, I have had six little books published on my blog. I am so proud of these little books, even though,to many, it may not seem like much, but to me,it means a great deal. I have dabbled in writing poetry,in my younger days,but never thought to keep the poems I did write, and my memory is not good enough to remember them today. I did remember enough of the words to put one of my poems in my little books.But all the things that I do on a daily basis are so satisfying to me,I tell my family and friends often,I want to live as long as I possibly can, but if I had to leave this earth today or tomorrow, I think I have had a wonderful life. I met and married the most wonderful man in the world,I have not had that much sickness,I have a beautiful home,even though we had to suffer through a fire with our original home,I have retired from a wonderful job,well,there may have been parts of it that were not so wonderful, but for the most part,it was wonderful,I have enjoyed being a stepmother and step grandmother,even if I never got to experience the joys of being a natural mother. I know, I do have step daughters, but giving birth to your own child shapes and molds you in ways that can only be explained by those who have been there. I can only imagine and draw upon what I have seen and experienced. The joys of seeing and being a part of my grandchildren's lives,from their moment of birth,has opened my eyes a lot,as to what it feels like to be a mother. There is something about knowing a child from their moment of birth, that changes they way you view anything they might do,good or bad, from that moment on.If only I could have had that with my two step daughters, things would have gone much smoother than it did,when we began our lives as a blended family,thirty two years ago. It's funny how you live and learn.Life cannot be undone or did over. You can only learn from your mistakes and hope never to repeat the same ones again.Life is indeed a journey, and we will never travel this same road again.I guess life's experiences were the fodder for so many of those sayings we use every day,on lessons,other folks must have learned the hard way,and they have left these quotes behind for us, to make our paths through life, a little smoother. Hopefully these little books will,one day, help others to know me and my inner most thoughts that made me the person I have become.

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  1. thats a really cool idea, like a time capsule for the future