Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Note to Frugal Queen,

I am directing this post to you,Frugal Queen,better known to your followers as Froogs.
If you must limit your following to only 100, you will be leaving a lot of folks out, that truly draw help and inspiration from you and your blog. I try to read as many of the comments to your blogs as possible, but if I read them all,I would get very little else done. You are truly loved and a great help to your followers and it would be so sad to loose any one of those who truly enjoy and appreciate you and your blog.Things are not quite so bad for my household yet, but one never knows what the future will bring. The BIG GUYS running things for each of our countries, tend to do whatever they please to us,all the while trying to make us believe they are carrying out the wishes of the people.They haven't convinced me of that just yet.
My husband and I have lived frugally  for our entire lives out of necessity.Thank God, we were both able to fall into good jobs, and are both of us have retired with good insurance and feel no pain financially,as long as we continue to live that way.Pop has an extra medical policy which costs him outrageous,but at his age, we are afraid to drop it now.He uses Medicare for his primary coverage,which pays 80% of his medical expenses,leaving the last 20% for his secondary coverage to pay.I have a decent medical coverage through my past job with the county schools.When I turn 65,Medicare will pick me up and my other insurance will end unless I choose to continue on carrying it.We will decide about that when the time comes. We buy very little,and usually then it comes from the consignment stores,auctions, or marked down stores.The two most expensive things we buy are meat and gasoline for the trucks. Pop is a big meat eater,but I can do with a lot less meat.We grow most of our garden needs ,or as we did this last season,buy a lot of it from the local Amish growers who raise and sell their commodities really reasonable,and there are many Amish families living close by in our rural community.A huge portion of our money goes to gasoline.We live 25 miles from the nearest big town, and it is cheaper to go there then to spend twice the price at the few little markets closer to home.We do try to double up on reasons to go to town,when we do go. Pop spends a little more time on the roads than I feel is really necessary, but he is a "social butterfly" and he needs to spend as much time with his friends as possible in order to function,or so he thinks.I guess he feels he has earned that luxury,after working so hard during all the years he did,most being away from his home and in the hot,hot sun.Yes, I think he has earned the right to do what he wishes during his retirement years, as long as it is not depriving our family of necessities, in any way.We have raised Pop's two girls. They have good educations. They are both married. Both they and their spouses have good jobs. Their families are all in good health.They take excellent care of their own families.They always know that we are here to help, if  ever they need us.What more could a family ask for?
I love blogging ,but it was never my intent to teach anyone anything. If others are interested in learning how to do anything that I do,I am more than willing to share my knowledge with them, but the things I do are nothing, compared to the lessons you are offering to others.I agree whole heartedly that blogging is our way of satisfying a need in ourselves, to speak our minds about whatever topic we choose, whether it be helpful to others or not. It,in turn, is helping each of us,just by writing it down, in more ways than we know.If our words touch others in any way, so much the better. We are all human, and are all looking for a better way to exist in this everchanging world that we live in.If reading the experiences of other bloggers and trying new ways of doing things is helpful to us on our journey,then it has all been worth it.Keep up the good work. Your are truly an inspiration to us all.

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