Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peony Time

It'll soon be time for the Peonies to shine once more .They make a most beautiful bouquet when they are in bloom. The flower heads are extremely big and heavy.  Usually when they are in bloom,it is the rainy season. The rain  makes the flower heads extra heavy,and without some type of support, they fall to the ground, where they lay until they rot. Therefore,we have learned to provide them with some type of support.I have a support around mine,but didn't put a whole lot of effort into making it.(bottom picture)Last year,after Mom's Peony plant had died back,I persuaded her to let me take away the unsightly fencing she had used to support her Peony.It was right in the middle of the front yard, for all to see,and she lives on a busy street,with walkers,bicyclists,and just ordinary traffic.Mom takes great pride in her yard. The neighbors compliment her on it, often.With a little hesitation,she agreed. It was made of several broken pieces of wooden latis panels that she had scavenged from the yard work remains of others.It served the purpose,and she had painted it a year or two ago, but it had done it's duty and needed to be retired(to the dump).Finally,since I noticed my Peonies growing by leaps and bounds, I figured I had better get to the task of making her a new fence. If she had not been so low this past winter, she would have been out and about the yard already,calling all of us kids to get us over there to fix any and everything in sight,but so far,she hadn't mentioned the new Peony fence I was suppose to be making for her.Thank goodness!Well,I finally got to it this morning and I am a little proud of myself,for the nice little fence I've built for her. You can see,below, what my Peonies are having to deal with.
As you can see,I did not paint Mom's fence.She loves to paint,and that is one of the few things she is able to do these days,so I called her to warn her to get her paint and brush ready. Her little fence is coming home,and she will need to paint it herself.

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