Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Project in The Bathroom

There's not a lot I can do to my bathroom, since it's so small unless I put up a new border,or maybe some wall paper, or new rugs or towels,and I do a lot of changing things around that way, but I wanted to do something different. In my last house, I had stenciled grapes or roses on white ceramic tiles and made a border over the top of the vanity, and I kinda wanted something along that line. I went to Lowe's yesterday,while in town for the tests at the hospital,(you know how I like to kill as many birds as possible, with one stone)(and being a bird lover, I do hate that saying)but nevertheless, my older sister and I went to Lowe's and shopped around for something to use in my project.Everything is so expensive.I picked up several different types of pretty trim,but ended up putting them all back. I had in mind something on the order of the cute wooden blocks that folks use at the top corners of door facings. I did find some cute little glue-on pieces to make my own home made version of blocks,since theirs were about $5. per block.I would have needed about $50. to $60. worth for my 4 foot vanity trim.It may not be a nice as theirs, but it suits me just fine. I have a nice white cornice over my one window. I found it at a consignment store and it was love at first sight. It was my inspiration piece for the ideas I'm using in the bathroom. I have a bookcase I got for $10. at another consignment shop that I've painted white,so my next project is to get some of those cute little glue-on decorations to cutesy it up a bit.
I overhauled a pair of curtains for a friend,and had enough material left over to make myself a new set for the bathroom window. They are snow white,too.I plan to put a little embroidery stitching on them somewhere ,if all goes well. I think that will give them a crisp Spring appearance.I'll try to remember to take a final picture soon.
P.S. If you enlarge the picture to see the glue-on  pieces I used,ignore the two screw holes. I will need to fill them later with wood filler.I didn't hit the stud with my first try.

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  1. Looks great Sue, I'm still playing blog catch up so I need to scroll down to see what else you've been up to.