Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back!

No,I,m not trying to do the Two Step.It seems that has been the way my life has been going for a few days.
If you remember the medical tests I had taken,well, that was Tuesday,of this week. The results should have been back in a day or two.I waited and waited.And you know how anxious you can get when waiting for test results. Especially medical tests.Well, the doctor's office called sometime Thursday,and left a message for me to call them,but ,of course, I was out with Mom,doing our shopping and running our weekly chores, and didn't get home until after office hours.No problem,I thought,I'll call Friday morning at 8:00,when they open their doors.I tried several times.No answer. I called the main hospital,and asked for the days and hours for my branch, and they said they had them listed as being open on Friday.So I tried again . It rang and rang and finally, a recording came on saying they were only open Monday through Thursday.So, I called the main hospital again to see if I could pick up my results there.Yes,just come in,show some ID and sign a release form.No problem. I was going in for other tests anyway.I picked up the forms,and they might as well have been in Greek. I could not understand a word.So I'll have to wait until Monday,make another appointment so my LPNP can read them for me and explain it all.The tests I had run Friday went quickly. Nothing too embarrassing.The room was dark and they give you a sheet to cover things.I didn't get to see the monitor,not that I would have understood anything on it, but I told the young lady doing the test, that I would have loved to have seen the screen while she was checking things over.She clicked on a few things and showed me what she said was my uterus and an ovary. It could have been anything for all I knew.I had seen babies on sonograms before(not my own,of course,since I've never had kids or many tests, for that matter)but I couldn't tell beans about the images she showed me. Nevertheless, here I am,again. More waiting ,for more results.
Then this morning, I eat a light,nutritious breakfast,I thought. Just enough,hopefully to be healthier,and loose a little weight. I go outside and begin my yard work,cleaning the yard and flower beds for a new season,and I get the shakes. I didn't eat enough or the right kind of food to sustain a normal blood sugar level. I work with that a lot, so I know the feeling.It seems you can't win for loosing. If you eat too much you gain weight. If you eat too little, you get the high speed shimmies,that comes with low blood sugar,or at least, I do.I go in and eat a few more whole grain carbs and a bit of protein.Then it makes me sleepy.Oh,for those days of our youth,long past,when you could eat anything you wanted,stay thin,and never think about medical issues.I guess all good things must come to an end,eventually,so I'll just take a nap,and maybe things will look brighter when I awake.

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