Sunday, March 6, 2011

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When I first turn on my computer in the morning,whether it be at 4 a.m. or 6 a.m.,I find lots of great information. Much of it is regarding the latest news, but much of it is related to health issues that are of great concern to  me and my health.Health is one of the subjects that catches my eye quickly.I suppose because I am getting older and find it covers many of my health issues.My Mom is 23 years older than myself, and from dealing with her issues,I am educating myself for down the road. One of the main concerns with Mom or really  the elderly in general,is their bones breaking.When someone reaches Mom's age,85 or so,danger of tripping and falling is a high on their list of worries.Mom is very concerned about it. She fell,just this month, and hit her head and knocked herself unconscious.She has many other issues, some of which might have caused the fall, but nevertheless, falling is forever on her mind,and breaking a bone or two,in the process,is usually the end result. It is very difficult for folks Mom's age,to recover from a broken bone,in most cases. The number one reason for the bones breaking is the insufficient intake of calcium over ones life time.By the time you reach my age, it is hard to compensate for the lack of calcium over the past 50 plus years.This is the reason I have posted on the link above. It includes lots of other great and information, but the main topic of interest for me this morning was on Calcium and the 28 ways to prevent osteoporosis. I think that is a wonderful piece on the many ways to get calcium.I plan to utilize as many of the suggestions as possible.I will be adding all of the things mentioned,to my shopping list immediately.

Another great product that my family believes in is a nutritional drink by the name of Ensure.It is a little costly, but the store brand seems to be just as good. It runs about $1. per 8 ounce bottle.I tell this story often to elderly folks with medical problems.A good friend of my familiy's,who has since passed on, lived to be in her late 90's,very close to 100 years old. She had fallen and broke both a hip and a shoulder at the same time,a few years before she died, and she began to drink this product on a regular basis.To her doctor's amazement,her bones were healed in 5 weeks.The doctor could not believe it.And at her age, that was miraculous.We all contributed it to the product Ensure, and our family began using it to speed up recovery from any ailment we might have.It is on many of my family's grocery lists now,on a regular basis. Pop is 73 and I am 63, and we keep several bottles in the fridge daily. Only time will tell whether it is helping us or not, but we are rarely ever sick, and that's a bonus in itself.My motto regarding this is"If you always do, what you've always done,you'll always get, what you've always had." I'm hoping in this case"our health remains good", if we continue to use this product.(but we will be adding the new items listed in the post above.)

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