Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mardi Gras King Cake

picture taken from the  link below
My Mother was raised in South Louisiana, so we know all about the Kingcake.Each year, our first cousin,Lonnie Deroun, sends Mom one,two,or maybe even three King Cakes.This  year she sent three. We have a big family and,too,Mom likes sharing the cakes with company.She doesn't have coffee drinkers,per se, like we do at my house,on a daily basis,but she does have several visitors most days.One of Mom's neighbors gets her mail each day, and a couple of others take spells of sitting around chatting with Mom,just to be sure she is O K,I'm sure. They have always kept a close watch on her for us,and we do appreciate that.When the weather is pretty,they all gather on her little porch and visit for a few minutes.Sometimes longer.They are good company for Mom, since loosing much of her eyesight, there is not a lot that she can do otherwise.I have never attempted to make a King Cake,but this may be the year,I'll try.It seems like a very simple cake to make.

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  1. What a beautiful cake, Sue. I'm so glad your mom has people to visit with her on a regular basis. Older people need companionship just like the rest of us. :)