Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Party and New Friends

My Mom, my granddaughter and I went to a birthday party yesterday for a friend and Sunday School class member of Mom's. Mom had been telling me how this friend was a couple of years older than her and still grew a big garden and canned quite a bit, even yet.She had told me about her having a large house, living in her basement, about having a huge window down there and having it lined with pretty glass ware.Mom and another friend had gone to visit her once, when she was poorly, taking something from their garden to her. When they arrived, they found she had a big turnip green patch. I think they came home with turnips and greens that day. Mom's friend is slowing down a bit just like Mom. Her eyesight is getting worse, so the family watches their mother's every step, as we do our mom's.This friend had 8 children, Mom had 9. So they had a lot in common to talk and compare notes about. One of the sons helps out a lot with most of the canning now, and I think he had done most of the nice munchies they had for us there yesterday. Everything was nice, and there was an abundance of it. We stayed for the food, and waited until she opened our little homemade gifts, then we eased on out. My husband was due to meet family to do some deer hunting, so I had to take the grandson, and free him up for that.We met several new friends at the party. I spoke to one of the daughters about our blogs. She seemed excited to look ours up read them and maybe she'll give it a try for herself. I will be watching for her to start hers up any day. I wish her luck and hope she enjoys it as much as I do.Good Luck Elaine.I'll be waiting.

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