Monday, November 23, 2009

"My Smokey Little Red Devil"

I woke up early this morning since I crashed early last night. I had both grand kids all day yesterday, and no opportunity for a rest or a nap, so you can imagine. I had no trouble falling to sleep, and if I lay in the bed too many hours, my back begins to hurt.So I'm up at 4 a.m.The first thing I see when I opened my eyes this morning,was this little Red Devil.It was the only one thing,out of many pieces of memorabilia, that was saved from the house fire,from my grade school days.He's a little smokey himself, but I had to keep him. He is so cute. (For a Devil) I thought while it was fresh on my mind, I would jot down the words to my school song which he always reminds me of. So to the best of my memory, here it is. If only I had a way to put the music on here, too.
On, on, RHS We are right, for the fight, to-night. Make that bas-ket Ev-ry-time And every Red Devil Star will Shine. Fight, fight, fight, For the Red and Black We will push those Trojans back, We will shoot, pass, and run, Till the battle is won, And we'll bring home the vic-to-ry.(Trojans came to my mind, from my High School days, but you would use the name of the opposing team for the game that night.)
I was never into sports that much, but always loved that little song.And I loved my school. Especially grade school. Even though I was small, I knew the names and faces of most of the folks I went to grade school with. On up to the twelth grade. Many years later, I would run into folks that I went to school with and say, "Oh, I remember you from school." They would say"No, you couldn't possibly remember. I was eight or ten grades ahead of you."That didn't matter, I remembered them.I had an excellent memory back then and I was always interested in who was who. I guess that's why I love geneology today.That's my story about the Little Red Devil. Thanks for listening.

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