Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Apple Basket

This is one of the baskets I covered a while back. I hardly ever buy brand new material, but when I do run across a piece I dearly love, I try to make something with it that I can use, and have out where I can see it on a regular basis. I use this basket for a catch-all to hold my pretty little remnants of material. I use material in a lot of my projects, so I get to see it often.I don't really know what the fascination is with the covering of the baskets. It could be the hands-on work it takes to fix them. I love hand stitching. Not enough to do a quilted quilt, but I do love hand stitching small projects. There is something peaceful and calming about it.I guess there are those who would say it was nerve wrecking for them, but not so for me.I have a young neighbor who feels the same way. She makes beautiful quilts, and all by hand stitching. She says she will never own a machine.Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I'll keep my machine.Till another post.Could be in a few hours. Who knows. I love blogging, too.Happy Reading!

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