Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Test) Patchwork Postcard

( Vicki, is this what you had in mind? It had crossed my mind, and
I am serious, about the same idea you were telling me about.
Strange. I've told you before, our minds work a lot alike.)
This is not the finished product, but I suppose I could use it in various ways. This is just a sample.I had to stop working on my project today to cook lunch for Ray's Tree Trimming guys. Pop called and asked if I could have a meal ready in 30 minutes to an hour. Of course, I can do that. No plan, whatsoever. I learned that from Mom.I opened 2 quarts of green beans,peeled 4 large potatoes,quartered them,and tossed the potatoes and 6 polish sausages into a big skillet and let them simmer till all were done.I thawed 3 bags of corn, cut off the cob this summer, I baked an iron skillet full of cornbread,I opened 2 bags of fried apples from the freezer.(The apples will have to do for something sweet.I didn't have anything handy to make a dessert.)I made a big pitcher of tea and a pot of coffee.I had cooked 4 large turnips earlier in the morning for our noon snack, so I added them to the dinner.I thought it was a wonderful dinner and it took only 49 minutes to prepare it and sit them down to eat.After dinner was over, the Tree Trimming fellows went back
to work.I went back to my project, only to hear Pop working on the hen house. I had been helping him with that, so I dropped my project and went back to help out. We finished insulating the hen house.It's needed that for 31 years. We are just now getting around to it.Better late than never.He went to check for coyotes in the neighbors cattle, while I sanded and pitched some old roofing we were putting on the hen house.Howie dropped in for his usual 4:00 cup of coffee with us, only to find me working alone, so he jumped in and helped. We had the roofing sanded and pitched before Pop got back, and the coffee drank, too. I sent some of the leftover dinner home with Howie. He is always bringing us dinner. Isn't it great to have neighbors like that?We had enough left for our supper. Pop's sugar was 105 before supper, so I guess between the good lunch meal and all the work we did today, it all panned out.I'll see how my project turns out and give an updated version of it at a later date.

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  1. Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind! That bird (dove ?) in blue is perfect! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    And your 49 minute dinner is making my mouth water...I could just taste it! I know I was really amazed how you made meals for the Amish guys when they were building your house. You had a crock pot, toaster over, electric skillet, and I can't remember what else...but you never slowed down ~ you were whipping up 7 course meals in no time flat on just that. What could have and would have been a really sad situation for anyone else turned into a real community event at your place. I really enjoyed my time there with you during all that. Your friends and neighbors were constantly stopping by ~ it is always a veritable beehive of activity there and of course you are never too busy to sit and chat over a cup of coffee or with a glass of iced tea.
    One of the best things you told while I was there was how those 'boys' with the fire department (who used to come through your lunch line) took some of your things from the burning part of your house and moved them to the back of the house to keep them from getting ruined.
    Now that is what comes of living for 30 years in a small community!! You are blessed among women!! Definitely a Proverbs 31 woman!!
    Hope your day goes well...love V