Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Leftovers!

No, I'm not referring to food. I am talking about all the little fragments of ribbons and lace, greenery and hardly ever used ornaments,imperfect bulbs,etc. Anything left lying around after the tree and the house are decorated for Christmas. Most folks would toss these things. No qualms about it. But we crafters, don't think that way. It's "Put it in a box somewhere, and I'll think of something to do with those things later. They are much to pretty to throw out."I guess most crafters have thought those very words more times than they care to mention.Then one day, when I need something to fill my day, I'll drag out that box, my glue gun,my scissors, my glasses, my cup of tea,and I spend the day assembling cute little coffee table pieces like the two at the bottom of the left hand picture and the wreath in the right hand picture.(Vicki, the mitten is the one I spoke of earlier. I bought 4 and plan to use the pattern to make my own similar mittens.The little angel is one we made in Homemakers.)I have so much fun putting these little things together. They just add another touch of Christmas in a spot that needs perking up.They are nice just to give to a friend, or take to the nursing home, or to a shut-in that might not be able to decorate on her own. And all the small bits and pieces left over from Christmas are recycled and bringing someone a bit of Holiday Cheer.
P.S. One way of using up the bits and pieces, is to glue them in a pretty arrangement on the top of a gift-in-a-jar which a lot of folks are making nowadays.

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  1. Yes, I agree...they are too cute to throw out and you are right about the joy you get making little things and giving them away!! I do love the mitten and I may trace it while I'm there to have a copy of my own if you don't care! I love the little star that is on it, too. BJ will be making the quart jars with mixes in them this year and she will probably add some little thing, like you say, to decorate the jars! xoxo....V