Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Christmas Stocking Story

I know my sister is proud of her first knitted Christmas stocking. I remember 30 years ago, I collected enough stockings for the entire family, each to have one of their own. Mostly to hang up for decoration, since it is almost impossible to put very much in each one.The tradition finally became simply putting in a large bag of M&Ms in each stocking. As a joke, which they all are good at, the size of the M&M bags grew smaller and smaller as the years went by, and the prices went up. This past year, their Dad had me to buy individual bags of M&Ms and only put in 2 or 3 little bags in each stocking. You've never heard such a fuss.(It was not my idea. He just likes to get those two girls stirred up, and that did it.)But back to the stockings. I had gathered up enough stockings for our family and we'd use them over and over every year. Well, when the time came to add on the two son-in-laws, I could not find 2 more stockings,anywhere close to matching the ones we had started with.When Pop and I first married he had a living room suit with large red flowers in the pattern of the set, so I bought enough red material to make drapes to match. We used those drapes for a few years, and finally when the sun had begun to bleach a few places, they had to go to the quilt scrap box. I remembered the red material which I had stored away, and dug it out. I cut out 2 more stockings from the red material and found some perfect white material for the cuffs. That only left the trim. I knew there was no need trying to find similar trim, so I took several strands of red and green embroidery floss and braided it. That was an excellent trim for the two new stockings. I still feel a sense of pride when I get those stockings out each year, knowing what I went through to get them made. No one but me knows how it makes me feel to know I had done that. But that's OK. There are lots of things we do, that never get noticed or complimented on, but the pride we get from knowing we were able to do it, is payment enough. I'm wishing you lots of wonderful Holiday Memories.

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