Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Neighbors are Hard to Find

It's good to have a friend in woodworking.I had a little scissor sharpener which was made of heavy cardboard. The best I can remember, I got 2 in a box of ribbons and lace which I had purchased at an auction. I love ribbons and lace. The sharpeners was an added bonus. I gave one to my Mom since she takes spells of sewing a lot. Just lately she asked me to sharpen several pair of scissors for her, since she had misplaced hers. I carry a little "emergency bag" with me at all times. It includes anything anyone might need at any given time.Sure enough, there inside, was my little sharpener. I proceeded to sharpen her scissors, and low and behold, broke mine.I was sick. What would I do without my little sharpener. They are $5 at the store and they are nothing like mine.Every evening we have a friend that stops in for coffee and a visit, and I thought about running the idea I had for a wooden one, past him. He has the neatest woodworking tools.He makes exquisite intricate lamps and he is very good. I knew he could handle this task.Sure enough, the next day, he came over and handed me a new sharpener he had made just that very morning. It works great. He was a life saver.I am so grateful. He brought us supper tonight, also,as he has on other occasions. Everyone needs a good neighbor like mine.(The roses are from my yard.I will miss them shortly. Winter is fast approaching.).)


  1. I don't know anything about scissor sharpeners. What do you sharpen them with? What is that thing in the middle that you sharpen the scissors on? How clever that he made you one! xoxo V

  2. I examined it when it flew apart. It appeared to be 1/2 of an extra large sewing needle. It was pointed on one end and you could tell it had been cut to about 1 1/2 inch. It was embedded in the cardboard at an angle. Howey took the broken one home with him and made one of wood. He used a safety pin, but I am afraid it will not hold up as well since it was not stainless. He may have to change the pin part.So far, it's working just fine, but you can tell the pin is not as hard a material as the needle.