Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Our Old Reliable Hen House"

"Our Old Reliable Hen House" has served us well for now onto 20 years or close to that. I think it deserves a little face lift. I hope to put in a few hours on it before the really cold weather arrives. It's amazing how 30 minutes of work can change the look of anything. I just spent 30 minutes out there clearing the clutter. The hen house was never a priority on my"to do" list, but it does seem to give you a little more incentive to do something, if someone new is going to see it. I'm embarrassed for you to see the old hen house, all piled and junky, but like I said, I had so many other more important "fish to fry" over the years, I just didn't see the need to cutsy it up.After viewing several other blogs, I have decided to put this project on my list. It is such a long list. I don't think I'll ever get to everything, but I'll not be bored.I hope to give an updated photo of the hen house when I have done a little more work on it, but today, I will be canning pear preserves. I just fell heir to an unexpected bushel of pears late last night.They cannot wait.


  1. Love the photos...just like being there!! I bought some ears of corn for the squirrels. I'll shell some and be right over to feed the chickens!! Lol...xoxo V

  2. Oh yeah, congrats on the unexpected pears!! Ah-h-h living the country life!!! Until later...V

  3. You'll not recognize the hen house when I'm done. I've been working on it all day instead of the pears. I'm beat. I need a nap.