Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leah's 1st hand crafted doll

I'm sure you know that Leah, my eight year old granddaughter, did not make this doll, since it was her first.She did pick out the material for the head and arms. I would have picked something more like unbleached muslin.She liked this color, so she cut out 4 narrow strips of the cloth and sewed two of them completely together around the edges by hand.Which was a good start for an eight year old. She doesn't want you to tell her how, on a lot of things. She says she knows how to do it. But then after her way comes to a standstill, she will ask for advice. At this point I showed her how she would need to turn the arms inside out after they were sewed, so we started over with me showing her step by step, how it was done. I was hoping to show her just enough, that when she tries it again later, she will do better. Her attention span is improving as she gets a little older. She loves to experiment with my sewing machine. I am so proud she is wanting to learn a little about sewing at all. Neither her Mother,her Aunt, nor her natural grandmother, do crafts of any kind, to my knowledge.With one exception. her Aunt has crocheted an afghan.Kids have so little to do in their homes nowadays, other than TV and computers, and those types of games, I want these two grandchildren of mine to be exposed to other things in order to learn to occupy their minds by themselves, when needed. It has got to be a boring life to depend on someone else to entertain you, in every idle moment of your life. I don't need anyone to entertain me,ever. I find so much, on my own, that I want to do, I can never get to it all. However, it will most likely boil down to genes.I am a firm believer in heredity playing a huge part in how a person turns out, but I,also, believe that your environment plays a big part. What ever you are exposed to in your growing up, you will absorb some of that, to a point.At least, I have tried.

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