Monday, November 23, 2009

More Childhood Memories

There are a lot of things that happened in my childhood that I have no memory of. Things my siblings remember , that I don't. Funny how you remember certain things, but not others.But this one thing, I remember well. I ran across this old receiving blanket , probably at a yard sale, and it brought back memories from around the time I was 9 or 10 years old. Mom had a set of twins born in 1957. We were fairly poor and did not have all the amenities others enjoyed.
Since we had very limited storage space(we were living in an unfinished basement at the time. I suppose Dad was waiting for more money to come in, to finish up the house.) However, Mom needed storage for the twins diapers, so while the first four children were at school, Mom would take the pictures from her embroidery patterns, and trace them onto long rolls of freezer paper.(We always had freezer paper since we processed our own meat on occasion.When the four older kids got home from school, we would line up around the table, and color those little pictures.Very similar to these I have posted.When all the pictures were completed, she would take the roll of paper and cover a cardboard box with them, and that would hold all the diapers.A very simple ,but ingenious way to keep us busy and make the storage container that she needed.Poor people have poor ways, but they usually get the job done.Till my next post,Happy Reading.


  1. It is so strange how we are always on the same page...just yesterday I picked up a set of tea towels at the Goodwill Store. Guess what was on them...embroidery!! There's a whole set of them from Sunday to Saturday with little Dutch boys and girls and activities for each day. I may post them on Etsy...I'm really, really, really thinking about starting my own Etsy!!
    Until later...V

  2. Oh, I almost forgot...great blog...I love to hear about your memories. xoxo...V