Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So Many Scraps!

Here is the little baby quilt I started. I couldn't decide if I wanted to continue on with it as a quilt or stop as a runner. I have so much material, I think I should continue on. I am hoping one of my sisters will let us use her little country barn for a nice family yard sale in the spring, and hopefully by then, we will all have a good assortment of items to set up and possibly sell.
She is hoping to have her wood work shop set up in part of the barn, but it is big enough for both(my opinion but she may have other plans)Most of our family is very crafty in some fashion. Some of us love any type of woodwork,some like sewing, some like cooking, some like gardening,some like to paint. Out of 9 kids, I think we have it all covered.Some of us dream constantly of having a little shop of sorts, but with all the red tape involved, it is next to impossible, especially with limited funds, but it is such fun to dream.

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