Friday, November 27, 2009

Do We Worry Too Much?

I guess it is a "woman thing."I worry
about every bite I fix,when preparing a new dish for others. I suppose that's why it's not a good idea to fix anything you have not previously tried out on your own family.I had a package of dates my Mom had given me, since she doesn't bake that much anymore. I wanted to use them, but I really didn't want to make Date Pinwheel cookies. I had baked those in the past, and they were wonderful, but not exactly what I wanted for Thanksgiving. I preferred to make a cake. I got a new recipe off of for a Date Nut Cake, that seemed pretty simple, and I had all the ingredients, or close enough. I had to make my own buttermilk. No problem. I had done that lots of times. I whipped up the cake and iced it with Cream Cheese Frosting. We really didn't need it for our big meal, so I kept it here at home. No problem moving it here. The coffee drinkers stop by after their morning Deer Hunt every day, and you see what's left. It went great with the guys with hot coffee.I love cooking, if it gets eaten. The local coffee drinkers are a big help in that department. Any time I have something I want to move along, leftover wise, bring it out and serve it to the coffee drinkers.Pop provides the entertainment, I provide the refreshments.It works out good for us both, since we both love company.I love my quiet time. That's when I do my crafts, but I love it when company drops by, too. Any day brings in lots of visitors around this house, as most of the neighbors will agree, but on holidays, our driveway is usually extra full. I drove a school bus for several years, so we have an really big driveway.I had such good luck with this cake, I plan to try this recipe again.It may be one of the recipes I put in my little home made recipe box. (that's most likely another post at a later date)Until then, Happy Blogging!

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