Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Friends

I missed going to the grocery store when I was out with Mom on Friday, so I stopped by the little discount store in a neighboring community, a bit closer to home. The lady and her husband,running the store, both had a history of crafting. It was such a joy to talk to them both about things they had made in the years they worked with the crafts. I did my grocery shopping, and since the little store was not that busy, I pulled up a chair and we exchanged stories of our crafting experiences for about an hour or so.When you are talking about something that interests you so, time gets away. It was so refreshing to hear about all they had seen and done with their craft business. If my memory serves me correctly, they had a trailer of sorts that they would load up with their crafts, and travel to other states where they had a prearranged calendar date set for them to be certain places on certain days. They had another person planning out the various setup dates and locations for them.That must have been nice to have a spouse that is interested in the same things you are, and being able to do the things you love so well, together, and travel, and make a little money along the way.What could be better?Hopefully, I will get another chance to visit with them again or even better, maybe she will get her daughters together and start up a blog or two, so we can share some more crafting ideas. I have found that I enjoy blogging, about as much as I do crafting. Who knows, I may end up being a writer. I love the writing part of it , as well as the crafting. It's strange how life take so many unexpected twists and turns. Never say never. Anything can happen in life.One door closes and another door opens. I guess that's what that means. If we could only see it in time to take advantage of it. Until my next post,Happy crafting.

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  1. that sound like a need little store, I like going to a place like that and the people are so don't get that in big stores.