Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally, I'm Back to the Pears!

I'm headed to Mom's today, since I didn't get to the pears yesterday. Pears are one fruit that deteriorate fast.I really don't need any preserves, but pears are a rare find for me. I planted a new tree this year, but it will be awhile before it bears, I'm sure. I have bought pears at the auction over the past few years, and then I have got lucky and found friends who had a few to share, but I seldom get the chance at such a big quantity as this. Mom says she is finished with the quilt she was making for a grandson's family, so she is bored and would welcome my visit, so she will have something to do. She gets bored real quick if she doesn't have something major to work on. I hope I continue to feel that good at 83, soon to be 84.I will keep you posted as to how we come out with the pears. Our plan is to peel and core them and preserve them anyway we can, then divide them with the family.With a big family like ours, no one will be over loaded with pears.

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