Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Deer Basket

Another day, another project. Today
it's a half bushel basket in which a friend of mine gave me some pears this past few weeks. He sent 2 full bushel baskets and this half bushel basket full. Pop said the friend did not want the baskets back, so I decided to cover the smaller one. I love covering baskets. It seems these kinds of baskets are few and far between any more.I have covered all sorts of baskets. Usually they are ones that have been damaged, or soiled, or just plain falling apart. You can hide just about anything with a little batting and some pretty fabric. I covered a small basket a few years ago, just as a project I carry with me to keep my hands busy. "It just so happened" (like Brother Art, from Mom's church, says,"Nothing 'just so happens'")to be at Mom's that day, and it 'just so happened' that she would be going to her annual Christmas party for her Sunday School class.Well, of course, I was invited to go along.On such a short notice, and I had no gift,except the basket I had just finished.So I took it for my exchange gift. It was a hit. I was never so proud. Everyone wanted my basket.I have made and gave away so many. They make nice catch-alls for whatever you care to use them for. Pop asked me as I was finishing this one, what I would use it for. He never even notices usually, but I suppose it was the deer pattern on the material I was using. I think he would probably love it for his own use. Men need catch-alls for their stuff, too.I'll probably put a brown ribbon around the rim and cover the handles with the same ribbon, and then if he still seems interested, I guess he can have it.I can see it now, by the door filled with his caps and house slippers and gloves.

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  1. I like this fabric very manly. I have 6 grandchildren today so I don't know what I will be doing. I did get another stocking done, and lunch for the kiddo. who is the young person that make quilts on her hands? I like to hand quilt and like to machine quilts.got to go duty call!