Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Chicken Heaven"

My 9 chickens will think they have died and gone to "Chicken Heaven".It still needs a little tweeking, but it looks a lot better than it did 12 hours ago. I'm not sure if chickens are color blind or not, but I like it. I think I read sometime in the past 50 years, that certain animals are colorblind. Maybe it was cows. I forget. Oh, well. Next spring when the honeysuckle vines cover the top of the screen wire coop and the forsythia bush by the door is in full bloom, it will really be pretty. I might even hang a flower box or two of red flowers. That blue hen house will make the red pop.


  1. Alright...I've decided I want to come back as a chicken...will you design my house....pock-pock-pock....scratch-scratch-scratch....pock-pock-pock....