Friday, November 13, 2009

Homemade Crafts Make Nice Gifts!

Mom, my granddaughter,and I will be going to a birthday party tomorrow for one of the members of Mom's Sunday School class. I am not sure of her age, but it is in the 90's. Mom has told me so much about her and how she still cans fruits and vegetables and raises the biggest gardens. I simply must go and meet her. Can you imagine, in your 90's and still going strong. We had another friend like that. Remember Mrs. Ishee. She had Indian blood and I always figured that made her stronger than most.I have so many crafts made up. Mom was worried about the gift. I told her not to worry. I have that covered. I made a pot holder from one of Mom's Cathedral Windows squares. I crocheted a dishcloth. I crocheted a scrubbie that we learned about when visiting Oneida.And I tossed in one of the poppies I helped Mom's Silver Threads group make to pass out at the the Honeyfest.Mom and I both helped make them, but we never got to see not the first one at the fest. We got lucky this year and ran across this one lately.Hope she likes our little gift bag.

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