Saturday, November 7, 2009

Everybody Needs a Little Help Now and Then!

No, I'm not talking about a laxative. I think that is the line they used in the laxative commercial of years gone by. I'm speaking of spending the day with my sister. She is in the middle of remodeling, and needs some help. And when I say remodeling, I mean just that. She comes from a family where the women don't wait for a man to help. All the women in our family learned many years ago, that if you want something done, you must learn to do it yourself, or wait, and wait, and wait.We may have started out that way with our men, but soon learned that our patience in that department was lacking. I have not tackled the feat of moving a wall yet, but my Mom has, and so has this sister.She is moving a couple of walls. Gee, I hope their not load bearing walls. Nevertheless, I am headed that way to see if I can be of assistance. My house is topsy-turvy at the moment, with material, ribbons, lace, woodwork and paint supplies strung everywhere. I can only hope that no company drops in before I get back to my organizing.Oh well, I'll just hang out my sign"A Neat House Exposes A Bored Homemaker." I live in my house. It is not a showcase for company, just in case they should drop by.You can tell a lot about a person, by the way their house is kept. I shudder to think what folks think when they enter my house, but at least I am never bored. That emotion never enters my range of feelings.I will take my camera, so hopefully we can get some before and after shots of her remodeling. One of us will keep you posted on her progress. Have a nice day!

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  1. This was an older post I had planned to publish, but never got back to it. I hated to delete it. Although we didn't move the walls, as planned, we did spend the day with my sister. By the time I got there, she, my younger sister, and my mom had already taken every picture and knick knack down and had them lined up everywhere, cleaning them. They had furniture strung every which way. They had found that the TV cables would not reach where it would need to go in the new arraangement, so that halted everything. Back to the drawing board.We continued to clean and eat and visit until we were all worn out. When Mom and I departed that evening, my older and younger sisters were still there,unwilling to throw in the towel. We all come from a long line of stubborness.I have yet to see the finished product. I plan to check it out soon to see how the project ended up at my sister house.At least she did get a little 'spring cleaning' in even though it is knocking at winter's door.